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Immersing guests on-brand at our latest large-scale event.

Immersing guests on-brand at our latest large-scale event.

by Jonathan Buckels
19. October 2023

When designing an immersive consumer event, there's a fundamental principle we hold dear: ensure that every guest not only feels represented but also deeply respected by the brand they adore. It's about going beyond the ordinary, making each guest an integral part of the experience rather than passive spectators. We believe that this approach fosters a genuine connection between the brand and its loyal supporters.

The delicate dance of guest participation

We understand that for marketers, capturing the attention of consumers requires a strategic balance. Simple, yet tinged with a hint of mystery, our approach is tailored to meet diverse consumer personas. Our belief in purposeful intrigue means we invite guests to be co-authors of their event experience, underscoring the brand's value proposition in a subtle, yet powerful manner.

Nurturing brand advocacy for lasting impact in Athens

In our latest event, we pulled out all the stops. With the help of our trained theatrical promoters, we encouraged nearly 4000 guests to dive into immersive installations, snap photos, and share their experiences live during the event. Nothing new, we know, but what happened next was proof-of-concept personified.

Via a purpose-built branded micro-site, optimised for easy uploads, we collected over 10,000 photos from our enthusiastic guests and our team of professional photographers within the first 2hrs of the event. These photos were then lovingly curated, edited, and woven into a dynamic animation that placed the guests straight into the event's beloved brand aesthetics.

From a backend solution that prioritized the brand’s aesthetics and compliance, to immersive installations that amplified the brand messaging—every element was crafted with purpose. Our tech-infused approach ensured real-time responsiveness, while our innovative onsite strategy like drone-led audience herding and well-rehearsed promoters bridged the physical and digital, ensuring the brand narrative was not just heard, but lived.

From active attendees to stars of the show: amplifying consumer voices

The true highlight of the evening came during the headline music acts when our guests saw themselves featured on the main stage’s LED screen. It was a moment of awe and wonder as they watched their snaped experiences from earlier in the evening being celebrated at this moment alongside the brand they love.

This magically connected the dots between the brand's current global campaign and the real-life experiences of its dedicated consumers. It showed that the product isn't just a distant concept but an integral part of their lives. Plus, it created a treasure trove of user-generated content that the brand could use post event, making the bond between the brand and its audience even stronger.

In essence, it's not just about what we do but how we do it. Our commitment to meticulous planning, innovation, and the seamless integration of technology and creativity ensured that every guest didn't merely attend the event but actively contributed to it, becoming part of its enchantment.

The event might have been a single night, but its reverberations are lasting. By immersing consumers in a brand experience they contribute to, you're not just creating an event; you're fostering a community. When they engage with your future campaigns, it's with the knowledge that they're not just consumers—they're collaborators and passionate brand advocates.

Here's to pioneering new frontiers in brand storytelling and consumer engagement. The journey of transformation has only just begun!

Credits ©
Photography - Marcus Zumbansen

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