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Creative Consulting

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Creative Consulting


Our Mission

Operating at the intersection of culture and commerce, our sweet spot lies in the immersive and ever-expanding realm of hybrid culture.

The mindset guiding our everyday life is as unique and attentively tailored as each one of our client-geared collaborations — always seeking to unleash innovation, harness creativity and challenge the status quo.

Our Approach

Our modus operandi is holistic and process-based. We are fiercely committed to honoring the ambitions, vision and tastes of our clients, whom we accompany along every step of the creative process — co-crafting, by the industry’s highest standards, unforgettable audience experiences.

Our Services

We spot, read and translate trends into accessible and engaging hybrid strategies and experiences, guided by unflinching standards. Much like our approach to culture, our methods are versatile, modular and adaptable, drawing from our team’s diverse sets of expertise and backgrounds spanning performing arts, cultural management, large-scale productions and strategic communications.

Hybrid Culture

Breaking free from conventional event conception, we strive to design and finesse the full potential of what an experience can be — always keeping our audiences, live or remote, engaged, surprised, and wanting more.


Opening Ceremonies of the Future

CEO Brendan Shelper shares his experience in large-scale opening ceremonies, and how Design Thinking and digital tools shape new ways of creative processes.

Hybrid Events
Digital Transformation

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