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The balance of art and commerce: Financial strategies for sustaining studio growth

Judith Hoch, Co-CEO from Battle Royal StudiosJudith Hoch, Co-CEO from Battle Royal Studios
Judith Hoch, Co-CEO from Battle Royal StudiosJudith Hoch, Co-CEO from Battle Royal Studios
60sec Interviews

Dive into our 60sec Q&A from Judith Hoch ❤️‍🔥

Dive into our 60sec Q&A from Judith Hoch ❤️‍🔥

60sec Interviews
23. January 2024

How has BRS managed to successfully blend art and commerce over the years?

We view creativity and profitability as complementary forces. Our strategy involves a careful balance of cultural and corporate projects, which has been key to our growth and resilience in a dynamic industry.

Could you elaborate on how BRS approaches pricing for its creative services?

Pricing our services involves a thoughtful blend of valuing our creative work and understanding market dynamics. It's about fair remuneration for the unique skills of our team while remaining competitive. This approach ensures we deliver value to our clients and sustain our artistic integrity.

BRS has thrived for 12 years. What's the key to sustaining success in this competitive field?

Our longevity comes from staying open to new opportunities and embracing diverse talent. We bridge different sectors, like theatre and corporate, bringing unique perspectives to our projects. This has been essential for staying competitive and innovative.

What advice would you give for achieving a successful blend of art and commerce?

Remain adaptable and open-minded. The creative industry is full of surprises, and success often hinges on the ability to embrace change. Also, diverse talents are invaluable; they bring new ideas and help craft innovative solutions for a broad client base.

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