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60sec Interviews

Stop snacking on junk in the office. The impact of nutrition and self-care in the workplace.

Battle Royal Studios Team Member Susana in graphic for The Artist StoryBattle Royal Studios Team Member Susana in graphic for The Artist Story
(c) Sofia Silva
Battle Royal Studios Team Member Susana in graphic for The Artist StoryBattle Royal Studios Team Member Susana in graphic for The Artist Story
(c) Sofia Silva
60sec Interviews

Dive into our 60sec Q&A from Susana Beiro Shelper, Head of internal operations and personal trainer. 🫶 🥗

Dive into our 60sec Q&A from Susana Beiro Shelper, Head of internal operations and personal trainer. 🫶 🥗

60sec Interviews
1. February 2024

How do you see the role of nutrition in enhancing workplace productivity and employee well-being?

The role of nutrition in boosting workplace productivity and promoting employee well-being is crucial and diverse. A balanced and nutritious diet can positively affect both physical health and cognitive function. To initiate this positive change, focusing on snacking habits and educating the staff about the connection between food and behaviour is a good starting point.

Encouraging the team to make informed choices during snack times is key. While employers have a responsibility to provide healthy snacks to avoid unnecessary temptations, the approach should not involve deprivation. Instead, the emphasis should be on motivation and education. For instance, promoting options like a handful of nuts and a slice of apple during afternoon slumps rather than reaching for chocolate can contribute to better choices.

Importantly, the approach to educating staff should be informative rather than imposing. Topics such as Mood and Stress Management can be highlighted, explaining how certain nutrients, such as those found in omega-3 fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, and B vitamins, positively impact neurotransmitter function. This understanding can potentially reduce stress levels and enhance overall well-being.

By incorporating such strategies, we aim to create a workplace culture that values health and well-being while providing practical insights for making healthier choices.

What strategies does your office employ to promote healthy eating habits among employees?

This topic frequently arises during casual conversations near the coffee machine, often glancing at the fruit bowl on the table. The dialogue might shift from someone expressing a craving for chocolate to playfully deciding on the healthier choice, like opting for an apple—complete with a laughter-filled "haha!" It's a laid-back atmosphere, but the available options are somewhat restricted.

In addition to the casual snacks, we've set up a fully equipped kitchen and fridge, complete with personalised containers for each team member. We actively encourage everyone to bring their own home-cooked meals or store ingredients in the fridge for a speedy and convenient cooking session. This way, we aim to strike a balance between the casual, fun moments and the practicality of having diverse food choices readily accessible.

Can you share your views on the importance of self-care in the office environment and its impact on team dynamics?

Maintaining an ongoing dialogue and fostering a collective interest in stress management is particularly crucial. Frequently, we find ourselves slipping into unhealthy coping mechanisms during stressful periods. Our brains have their own strategies to maintain happiness and motivation in such times.

It is imperative to recognise these behaviours and enlighten the team about alternative approaches. For instance, when feeling stressed or fatigued, one might consider taking a brisk walk around the block instead of succumbing to emotional eating. This can be coupled with a walk-and-talk session with a colleague, creating an opportunity for both physical activity and quick catch up.

What initiatives has your office implemented to support mental and physical health, and how have they been received by the staff?

BRS provides flexible work arrangements tailored to each position. These arrangements typically include options for remote work, fostering a better work-life balance, and supporting childcare needs.

In the past, we successfully offered a meditation course, though we recognise the importance of keeping such practices current. Plans are underway to refresh this initiative for continued employee benefit.

Furthermore, we contribute to gym memberships, understanding the interconnectedness of physical activity and mental health. Our aim is to motivate our staff to prioritise time for these activities, recognising the positive impact on their overall well-being.

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