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Introducing… Experiential Loyalty, reigniting the flame for consumer engagement


Discover how deeper connections are created within live consumer engagement 💞

Discover how deeper connections are created within live consumer engagement 💞

Consumer engagement
Live Events
by Brendan Shelper
15. April 2024

Innovation and real brand experiences are merging, marking a departure from traditional transactions towards a more integrated, consumer-focused journey. It’s about creating a space where loyalty evolves into an organic, shared adventure, empowering consumers to become active participants within the brand’s narrative.

The result? An organic proliferation of

that amplifies the brand's message across multiple channels, courtesy of the most authentic brand ambassadors; consumers themselves.

“Via experiential, we can earn enduring loyalty.”

In partnership with

, award-winning loyalty program consultants for global brands, we’re crafting a new frontier in loyalty schemes. This collaboration aims to rejuvenate a leading global brand's loyalty strategy, infusing it with live activations and tiered rewards that strike a chord with consumers on an individual level.

Our approach intertwines

with the essence of live events, designing the desired consumer journey together with our clients to highlight new products, build a knowledge base, or simply creating joyful engagement via
immersive experiences
with purpose. Imagine an event location where every interaction offers a chance for deeper engagement and recognition. Our live activations are the key to unlocking this domain, providing members with opportunities to accumulate points or exchange them for exceptional VIP experiences within the event. This requires simplifying the mechanics of the program and implementing intuitive new tools, but most importantly, generating a narrative which makes sense for each brand story.

"When consumers take ownership of their experience, they become real fans and leave as vocal campaigners.”

Our philosophy extends points accumulation. We're reimagining the gamification in loyalty program, focusing on premium touchpoints and meaningful rewards that celebrate consumer interaction. It's about creating an engaging, fun, and value-rich experience that elevates the consumer-brand relationship.

In a world where loyalty signifies paramount value, we’re setting benchmarks for others to aspire to.

We’d love to connect with you in Berlin

Our key partner Philip Shelper, CEO of Loyalty & Reward Co will be presenting at the upcoming

INCENTIVIZE in Berlin on April 25th. We’ll be there, soaking up the latest in brand loyalty and live consumer engagement. It’s all about discovering new ways to bring brands and their fans closer, and we’re excited to be part of it. Hit us up!


The Loyalty and Promotions summit

Berlin, 25th of April 2024

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