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Creative Process

Ever wondered why a certain dish can tug at your emotions?

Creative Process

Exploring flavour's emotional spectrum in immersive activations. 🍝

Exploring flavour's emotional spectrum in immersive activations. 🍝

Creative Process
Culinary innovation
by Janina Schaffrath
1. May 2024

Choosing what goes onto your plate is one of the most personal decisions you can make, a choice rooted in experiences that trace back to before you were born. Why does the taste of a dish linger in our memories, tugging at our emotions long after the meal has ended? This profound connection between flavour and feeling is at the core of an intriguing field known as flavour psychology.

Central to our

is the intimate link between flavour and feeling. The relation between a sweet, ripe strawberry or the allure of dark chocolate isn't random; these are emotional narratives crafted meticulously through our menus. Picture a romantic dinner where each course tells part of a story—light, whimsical starters give way to a rich ending in a comforting, sweet dessert, each designed to resonate with the diner on an emotional level.


combine unexpected flavours or reimagining traditional ones to provoke specific feelings and responses. The setting, food presentation, and even menu descriptions are all crafted to complement this
flavour journey.

As this field grows, psychologists and culinary experts are joining forces to dive deeper into how flavours can influence mood, recall memories, or even alter behaviour. This isn't only transforming how we experience dining through events but is also spilling over into food therapy and wellness.

In essence, flavour psychology isn't just about what's on your plate; it's about what those flavours evoke within you.

As we continue to explore this connection, expect to see menus that go beyond listing dishes, offering a guide to emotional and sensory discovery designed to leave a lasting impression on our menus and ultimately your audience.

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on elevating taste experiences with flavourful events!

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