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The flexible framework: blending freelancers with fixed teams


Dive into our 60sec Q&A from Judith Hoch on mastering team dynamics 👫🚀

Dive into our 60sec Q&A from Judith Hoch on mastering team dynamics 👫🚀

60sec Interviews
by Judith Hoch
26. March 2024

Can you briefly describe how your creative agency manages the dynamic interplay between freelancers and fixed teams?

Absolutely. We've mastered the art of balancing our dedicated core team with skilled freelancers. Each project teaches us more about foresight, strategic planning, and the importance of maintaining an agile workforce.

How do you navigate the challenges of blending these different workforce elements?

It's all about early and strategic team planning. Freelancers offer us flexibility for last-minute projects, but aligning their part-time availability with our needs requires careful consideration. Our core team, on the other hand, provides stability and deep, company-specific knowledge that's invaluable.

What's your approach to managing the blend of skills and expertise within the team?

We leverage the niche expertise of freelancers alongside the deep knowledge of our core team. This mix allows us to stay agile and expand our capabilities, ensuring we can tackle any project with the right set of skills.

How do you ensure flexibility and adaptability in your projects?

Our projects are fast paced, demanding quick adaptability. Our freelancers and core teams are adept at this, but it's the brand knowledge and loyalty of our long-term team members that truly stand out, ensuring depth and understanding in our work.

Can you touch on the cost implications of using freelancers versus fixed teams?

Freelancers not only offer cost-effective solutions for short-term needs, allowing us to adapt quickly and efficiently to varying project demands, but they also form a crucial part of our extended BRS family. We cherish this vibrant community, regularly bringing them together to celebrate our collective achievements and milestones. It's more than just collaboration; it's about nurturing a supportive network that allows each member the flexibility to forge their own path while remaining closely knit to our core. This approach not only strengthens our bonds but also ensures we can scale our operations at a moment's notice, seamlessly integrating with our fixed team to meet any challenge.



, we still lean on the financial and operational stability provided by our core team, constantly fine-tuning our blend of fixed and freelance talent to maintain this equilibrium. It's this strategic balance that enables us to navigate the complexities of project management with a personal touch, ensuring every member of our extended family feels valued and supported

Lastly, what's the future look like for Battle Royal Studios in terms of team dynamics?

As we grow, the dialogue between leveraging freelancers and investing in our fixed team's size is crucial. We're focused on anticipating scaling needs, nurturing our core team, and engaging freelancers in a way that aligns with our long-term vision.

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