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A long camera crane extends into a spacious, tall greenscreen which surrounds the subject who is wearing business clothes. The subject speaks into the camera and the director looks at them, wearing a headset. Many lights are on the ceiling, fixed to metal trusses.A long camera crane extends into a spacious, tall greenscreen which surrounds the subject who is wearing business clothes. The subject speaks into the camera and the director looks at them, wearing a headset. Many lights are on the ceiling, fixed to metal trusses.

Hybrid Events


Understanding Hybrid Culture

We live in a world governed by complementary opposites: isolation and hyper-connectivity, physical slowness and virtual velocity, automation and creativity.
Instead of navigating them separately, curating our identity based on concession, we choose to celebrate the contemporary world’s fluidity through radical creative adaptation.
Hybrid culture is a mindset — it’s a modus operandi grounded in flexibility, curiosity, and innovation through experimentation. It’s the belief that we shouldn’t have to choose between cutting-edge virtual immersion and the IRL thrill, or between the individual or the collective.

Hybrid Culture is the radical belief that experience transcends format.

Our approach

Our methods are process-based and bespoke. We are result-oriented, guided by user experience and high-end technology.
We don’t believe in passive audiences. We create interactive experiences for participants. Active engagement is the key to crafting unforgettable experiences.

Hybrid Event Tools

Our modular and highly adaptable skillset includes:
  • Metaverse development
  • Web 3.0. and NFT concepts
  • Augmented Reality and XR environments
  • Video interaction and projection mapping
  • Virtual conferences and digital product launches
  • Consumer engagement tools such as live polling, instant Q&A and analytics.

Defining your virtual event location

Our virtual spaces range from branded studios in your CI, to fully immersive 3D landscapes. Forget all laws of physics — your sets can be vivid or hybrid virtual constructs.

Creating impactful reach

Guests can join and participate via any online device, and from anywhere in the world – the reach of virtual and hybrid experiences far exceeding that of physical events.

Our Digital Event Portal

Consistent with our belief that interactivity is the key to a meaningful event experience, we have designed our Digital Event Portal: a tailor-made platform which will allow your audience to not just watch an event, but to actively partake, influencing its course. Live polls and live chats are just two examples of features we can add to your platform.
Our Digital Event Portal services include:

Custom-made, premium experience

Our portal looks like you. It is not only customisable but completely integrates into your brand world, look and feel — ensuring a seamless user experience.
We provide an end-to-end-solution: registration process, event reminders, analytics and reporting, infinite guest capacity.
Blurred blue and mint on a white background.Blurred blue and mint on a white background.

In Short: Our services run the gamut of hybrid ideation, production and execution, creating virtual playgrounds, interactive dynamics and building unforgettable communal experiences that defy conventional perceptions of depth, scale, and storytelling.

The top things to know!

1. What technical requirements do participants need for a hybrid event?

To join our hybrid events, all participants need is a stable internet connection and a device capable of streaming video, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

2. What measures do you take to ensure a seamless virtual experience?

We utilise high-end technology and robust server infrastructure to ensure a smooth, lag-free experience. Our team is always on-hand to provide technical support, pre-event testing, and real-time troubleshooting.

3. How do you manage interaction between virtual and in-person participants?

We use interactive tools such as live polling, instant Q&A, and live chats to foster active participation and engagement between both virtual and physical attendees. But we’re building new tools all the time, so remote users can also interactive with lights and physical elements without even being in the event space, it’s magic!

4. How can a hybrid event extend beyond the reach of a traditional in-person event?

Hybrid events can be accessed from anywhere around the world, expanding reach beyond physical boundaries and constraints of time, space, and logistics. The event formats are greener, and more informative than a single format event.

5. Can the Digital Event Portal be customised to suit our brand's identity?

Absolutely. Our Digital Event Portal is fully customisable and can be tailored to match your brand's aesthetic, ethos and objectives, providing a seamless, familiar, and immersive experience for your attendees. It looks like your brand, no questions.


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