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Transforming corporate culture through an Immersive Experience

Shaping corporate culture through immersive experiences has become a pivotal lesson for us through our recent global event productions across cities like Hong Kong, Dubai, Barcelona, Miami, and Lausanne. These immersive workshops have proven transformative, significantly boosting employee motivation, brand loyalty, and advocacy.

Crafting cohesive experiences across continents

The creation and execution of these events have underscored the importance of thematic continuity across continents. This involves not just uniform event design but also seamless backstage production, rehearsed speaker presentations, and ensuring events run punctually and smoothly. The meticulous execution of these events has highlighted the crucial role of precision in transforming engagements.

Embracing diversity and inclusivity and centring the narrative around employees

Interactions across the firm's vast operational zones emphasized the need for collaboration and inclusivity. By combining inputs from various regions, the goal was to craft events that not only resonated universally but also paid homage to local nuances, thereby celebrating the enriching power of diversity. This inclusive approach was pivotal in creating collective experiences that were both unifying and enriching.

We've embraced diversity and inclusivity, making these events employee centric. By incorporating diverse operational zones and regions, we've crafted events that resonate globally while celebrating cultural diversity. This approach has enabled us to create unified and enriching shared experiences, allowing employees to convey their stories and foster a sense of purpose and ownership.

Documenting and sharing the collective journey

The strategy to document these events through various mediums allowed employees to take an active role in narrating their experiences, further amplifying the impact of the shared journey. This not only captured the essence of the events but also encouraged a participatory culture, enriching the overall experience.

Navigating global logistical challenges

The logistical feat of coordinating multiple production teams across different continents within a constrained timeframe underscored the necessity of adaptability and meticulous planning. This process was instrumental in maintaining high design and quality standards, while also accommodating the inevitable last-minute changes and cultural distinctions.

The global tour provided invaluable insights into the dynamics of corporate event planning, showcasing the transformative power of immersive experiences in fostering a vibrant corporate culture and engaged employee base. Marked by positive feedback and an appetite for further activations, the journey underscored the immense potential of immersive events in corporate settings.


Concept: Battle Royal Studios in collaboration with our esteemed client and supporting agencies.

Full-service Event Production: Battle Royal Studios

Executive Creative Director: Brendan Shelper
Creative Producer and Director: David Bray
Creative Director: Jon Buckels

Senior Project Manager: Nadine Leder
Senior Project Manager: Thalia Davies
Senior Project Manager: Askan Brehm
Junior Project Manager: Julia Siemienowicz

Associate Project Manager: Silvia Hollweg
Head of Production: Ky Lloyd
Production Manager: Lisa Strauss
Associate Production Manager: Emily Rose Meyer

Technical Directors: Peter Gombac, Tim Schweizer Adhoc engineering GmbH

Production Stage Manager: Richard Herrick
Production Stage Manager: Catherine Hayward

Music Producer: Deimos Virgillito

Platform Designer: Michael Masberg
Platform Developer: Capture

Graphic Designer: Robert Gross
Graphic Designer: Sofia Silva

Local Producer Hong Kong: Judy Chau
Local producer Dubai: Katja Vormbaum, Silliss Events
Local producer Dubai: Sandra Bisharat, Silliss Events
Local producer Miami: David Ferdinand, SDN Productions
Local producer Miami: Katie Strauss, SDN Productions
Local producer Barcelona: Lidia Valverde
Local producer Montreux: Hugo Schildknecht, Paragon Studio
Local producer Montreux: Adrian Moreno, Paragon Studio

Head Mixologist: Aris Chatziantoniou
Mixologist: Fotis Tsikas
Mixologist: Kejvi Zeneli

Producer, Post-production: Stefan Spendier
Photos: ©42kStudios
Videographer (Hong Kong, Barcelona, Montreux) & Post-production editor: Jeffrey Jimenez

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10999 Berlin

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