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Symphony of Now

Battle Royal Studios co-produced the feature-length documentary film Symphony of Now, in collaboration with Audi Zeitgeist Projects, Dreinull and Endorphine Productions.
Set Design
Motion Mapping
Costume Design
Show Design
Motion Design

A Hybrid Film Experience

The film directed by Johannes Schaff pays tribute to the vibrant energy of Berlin. Based on Walter Ruttmann’s 1927 avantgarde film „Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt“, the contemporary re-imagining follows the rhythms of Berlin at night across urban panoramas to secret corners and intimate moments.

Using filmmakers Lil Internet’s and Alexandra Weltz‘s unique camera work in addition to his own cinematography, Schaff creates a kaleidoscope of images to capture the modern metropolis.

This journey through the city is accompanied by a soundtrack as captivating and dynamic as the city itself – a score curated and produced by Frank Wiedemann of Innervision.

He collaborated with Berlin-based musicians such as Modeselektor, Samon Kawamura, Gudrun Gut, and Thomas Fehlmann, building improvisations around the original film material. The new film was then cut to match this score.

The result is not only a rare cinematic document of modern Berlin, but a testament to the musical innovation born of Berlin’s creative environment.

(c) Markus Zumbansen

The film premiered in February 2018 at the Delphi Theatre Berlin featuring live performances by the musicians.

Symphony of Now is an Audi Zeitgeist Project and Battle Royal Studios' second collaboration with the initiative following Zeitgeist Symbiosis in 2015.



Audi City Berlin, DREINULL Agentur für mediatainment


Pappel Studios – Executive Producer

Endorphine Productions – Producer

Johannes Schaff – Film Director, Camera, Editor

Lil Internet – Camera

Alexandra Weltz-Rombach – Camera

Philipp Dreißig – Camera

Frank Marten Pfeiffer – Camera

Bobby Good – Editor

Steffen Schmidt – Editor

Julian Neville – Editor

Robert Sieg – Editor

Sammy Metwalli – Editor

Frank Wiedemann and guests – Composition & Production

Hans-Joachim Roedelius – Musician

Samon Kawamura – Musician

Gudrun Gut & Thomas Fehlmann – Musician

Modeselektor – Musician

Alex.Do – Musician


Aarhus 2017

Battle Royal Studios supported renowned Director Nigel Jamieson to create an epic opening to the European Capital of Culture in Denmark.

Set Design
Motion Mapping
Costume Design

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