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Oman's Opening Ceremony at ITB Berlin

Transforming Oman's narrative into a bespoke visual journey with a 100m wide LED wall
Show Direction
Opening ceremony

In a world where cultural richness and breathtaking landscapes are the jewels of travel, Oman's recent showcase at Germany's Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB) Berlin offered a glimpse into the soul-stirring beauty and deep-rooted heritage. Our mission was very simple, yet profound: "

" Together with Jack Morton and our Omani client, we embarked on a journey to unveil Oman's cultural wealth to 3,000 people at CityCube Berlin.

The ITB opening ceremony highlighted the importance of tourism and cultural collaboration, attended by leaders such as Prof. Dr. Mario Tobias, CEO of
Messe Berlin
; Kai Wegner, Governing Mayor of Berlin; Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the
World Travel & Tourism Council
; Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the UNWTO; and Dieter Janecek, Federal Government Coordinator for the Maritime Economy and Tourism. The event underscored Germany's intent to enhance cultural connections, particularly with Middle East nations like Oman, through a live broadcast that showcased its commitment to expanding cultural and touristic relations.

A 100m wide LED canvas of culture and innovation 

Our stage stood out amongst the global displays at ITB Berlin, moving away from typical tourism promotions. Visitors were taken on a journey across the grand, history-rich landscapes and vibrant communities of Oman, all displayed on a 100m wide LED wall.

A 3D immersive sound experience, complementing the

with over 50 performers and an aerial performance, elevated the ceremony into a multi-sensory experience, inviting attendees through Oman’s breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and its visionary pursuit of sustainable tourism by 2040.

An Immersive Storytelling Experience

A large LED wall nudged the ceremony beyond traditional storytelling into an imaginative, deeply immersive space but the true highlights included a stunning under water scene with live actors, where the visual, physical, and sound design combined to create the illusion of diving deep into the Omani Sea, complete with a majestic whale floating across the screen and angelic flying dancers.

Oman's opening ceremony at ITB Berlin redefined how cultural stories are shared and experienced worldwide. The strategic use of technology, combined with a deep understanding of cultural storytelling, created an opening ceremony that captivated the audience and the international press visually and emotionally. This milestone highlights the transformative power of creativity in bridging cultures and showcasing the unique beauty of countries like Oman, which we always aim to achieve for our clients.


BRS In collaboration with Jack Morton
Client: Ministry of Heritage and Tourism of the Sultanate of Oman, Make The Change
Lead Agentur: Jack Morton Germany
In Cooperation with Messe Berlin

Producer: Dino Cela
Creative Director: Achim John
Executive Producer: Paul Boschi
Creative Producer: Celine Moison-Peters
Musical Director: Jesse Milliner
Video Production: Capture Media
Video Producer: Stefan Spendier


Executive Producer BRS: Judith Hoch
Show Director: Andy Machals
Choreographer: Denis We.
Aerial Coordinator & Aerial Choreographer: Florian Bücking
Aerial Rigging: Kai Gaedtke (Take 7)
Production Assistant: Alessia Avallone
Dancers: Minou Moallem, BignaItten, Pantea Neukuienia, Chiara Radelja, Leonie Nele Seidlitz, Selin Holzer
Aerialists: Susana Beiro-Shelper, Brennan Figari
Talents: Royal Oman Symphonie Orchestra, Abna Al mazarie, Al Majd
Photography by Brendan Shelper

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10999 Berlin

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