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Ford EV centre launch

Journey into the green future: Amplifying Ford’s message through an engaging, Immersive Experience with Executive Chairman Bill Ford and Chancellor Olar Scholz.
Set Design
Digital Transformation

In the heart of Cologne, history meets innovation. From the once familiar echoes of a bustling car assembly line to the hum of a new age of electric vehicles, the Ford Cologne Electric Vehicle Center serves as a testament to transformation.

The journey from a historic site to a beacon of sustainability was not just a corporate milestone; it was a narrative we at BRS, in collaboration with Jack Morton Worldwide, had the privilege to share with the world through an immersive, brand experience.

As architects of immersive experiences, our mission was not to just inform attendees about the evolution of the site or Ford's commitment to a greener future. It was to transport them into the heart of Ford's vision, making them active participants in a journey towards a sustainable future, amplified through a meticulously crafted event.

The Ford Cologne Electric Vehicle Center, birthed from a historical site and a $2 billion investment, stands as the world's premier carbon-neutral electric vehicle assembly plant. This transformation was a testament to Ford's commitment to sustainability.

Crafting the narrative

At BRS, we led the creative for the immersive experience, utilizing a blend of technological innovation and thoughtful storytelling. We strategically incorporated over 300 LED titan tubes and a 30m long side LED screen to bring energy to the rejuvenated heritage factory, encapsulating the guests within the metaphorical heart of Ford’s vision for electrification in Europe.

The immersive brand experience we created represents a tangible, visceral connection between the audience and the brand. It showcased Ford not just as a car manufacturer, but as a company leading the way to a greener, more sustainable future. 

Through immersive experiences, we aim to share this vision with the world, connecting individuals and communities with the narratives that shape our shared future.


Concept and creative production Battle Royal Studios in collaboration with Jack Morton.

Event director- Jim Donald
Lead creative director- Jonathan Buckels
Music- Deimos Virgillito
Creative production- Battle Royal Studios
Producer- Sarah La Tragna
Event Producer- Jan-Philipp Sass
Event Logistics- Andrea Bergheim
Creative producer / Show Producer- Andy Machals
Show director & choreographer-
Light design- Chris Moylan & Raphaël Demonty
Caller- Konstanze Agaz
Production stage manager / VIP Handling- Sissy Moylan, Fran Kötter
Motion design- Capture Media
Motion Design Art Director- Shan Blume
Photographer- Jack Morton

Battle Royal GmbH
Glogauer Strasse 17
10999 Berlin

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