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Consumer Experience Athens

Elevating engagement for a global consumer brand and building an international community in the heart of Athens.
Set Design
Digital Transformation
Event design
Engagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRSEngagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRS
Engagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRSEngagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRS

A stone’s throw from the Acropolis, we conceived, designed and produced a groundbreaking community event for our client's loyal consumer base. Far from a traditional product launch or trade fair booth, this unique live experience represented the first global gathering of dedicated consumer groups.

Designed as a ‘customer appreciation’ event, this sensorial experience showed attendees they are part of something far greater than simply the brand or product they love. They are part of a bold, growing community of sophisticated adventurers.

Engagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRSEngagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRS

Setting the stage for audience immersion

Reaffirming the brand’s commitment to celebrating the community, the experiential marketing approach began with the attendees themselves, greeted on entry by a team of immersive actors that immediately plunged guests into a spirit of interaction and brand exploration. Attendees were briefed on user-generated content, instantly making them part of the event narrative. While LED wristbands were distributed as a nod to the tech-forward nature of the event, it was this briefing that truly set the tone for the surprising set of activities ahead.

Engagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRSEngagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRS

Creating unity through Interactive Marketing

A bespoke platform allowed attendees to upload their engagement experiences, which were then displayed on a massive digital screen in a mosaic pattern on the main stage, enhancing the sense of collective brand experience. UGC images were collected, curated, and edited within a tight 90min period, giving the guests a sense of magic as they viewed their images on the main stage screens later in the evening. BRS developed a bespoke image-upload micro-site and database to capture the live photos the guests were taking.

A sensory marketing journey through live entertainment

Brand entertainment and top music acts formed the backbone of the evening’s live event activities. Notable artists graced various stages, including techno marching band MEUTE, who led attendees to a hidden gem: The main stage. Far from a makeshift setup, this was a full-scale festival stage offering one of electronica’s biggest names in a rare private performance. Think of Coachella on steroids and you get the idea.

The Immersive Experience continues

As guests entered the main stage zone, their personal brand experiences were illuminated on a gigantic LED display, adding to the atmosphere of community unity and digital inclusion. DJ pioneer Echonomist played a set that provided the perfect musical branding for a night full of surprises, including a drone light show, pyrotechnics and plenty of surprises.

Engagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRSEngagement  activation for a global consumer brand_BRS

The emotional brand connection: company and community

While personalized holographic glasses were distributed, their purpose was to enrich the brand atmosphere rather than to overtly brand it. The true highlight of the evening was a grand manifesto ceremony, a tribute not to the products but to the brand loyalists themselves, turning consumers into celebrated community members. A celebratory taste experience was distributed to 3,500 guests, and before commencing the headline act, the community shared a toast, a mouthwatering, popping sensation on the lips which ignited a realm of special effects around the area, taste transformed into an exterior, sonic and visual experience.

A feast for the sensory branding senses

Complementing the multi-sensory experience was a culinary journey. A renowned star chef and a skilled mixologist provided a range of delightful flavours, making the event a full-bodied sensory experience. A laboratory of molecular inventions, focusing on tastes, colour and lending our brand’s key pillars gave guests an inquisitive insight into the science of flavour.

Conclusion: beyond consumerism, building a brand community

This wasn't just an event marketing activation; it was an experiential marketing experience tailor-made to align the needs of the brand’s loyal customer base with its key brand pillars. The Athens activation proves that interactive, immersive experiences go beyond mere consumer entertainment; they can be powerful mediums for building deep brand relationships and fostering long-term customer loyalty.


Special thanks to our local production support

Events Greece. Also, thanks to all the suppliers for their work on this remarkable production.

Event Concept, Design and Production by Battle Royal Studios

And thanks dearly to this remarkable team:

Co-CEO/Managing Director - Judith Hoch
Executive Creative Director & Producer - Brendan Shelper
Event Producer - Moritz Borchardt
Head of Production - Ky Lloyd
Creative Director - Jon Buckels
Architect - Philipp Hohmann

Creative Producers:
Catherine Hayward
Andy Machals
Emily Landers

Project Managers:
Nadine Leder (Crew, Promoters, Logistics)
Thalia Davies (F&B, Artists)

Project Coordinators - Alessia Avallone, Paula Dickmann
Back Office - Susana Beiro Shelper

Technical Director - Adhoc, Malte Joergens
Technical Managers - Marcel Reichelt, Hendrik Fabri, Kalle Reichert
Head Sound Engineer - Ben Kästner
Video Technical Manager - Peter Gombac

Show Caller, Director - Konstanze Agatz
Stage Managers - Florian Bücking, Laura Hähnel, Rebecca Bryant, Rich Herrick

Lead Motion Designer - Duncan McDade
Motion Designer - Achilleas Gatsopoulos
Video Producer - Stefan Spendier
Video Mock Up Artists - Daniele Bonaiuti, Dario Lospino
Audio Producer & Composer - Deimos Virgillito

Costume Design - Isabel Seidler
Tailor & Fittings - Anna Dyka
Hair & Make-up - Elisabeth Petrou

Scenic Consultant - Cordelia Ashwell
Graphic Design - Robert Gross, Sofia Silva
Lighting Designer - Chris Moylan
Light Operators - Daniel Gündner, Sebastian Huewig
Sound Technicians - Jan Wessolowski, Niko Karp, Mike Walter
Choreography & X-Crew Coordination - Terry Stewart

X-Crew Team:
Billie Vee, Gerogina Kotrostou, Eleanna Zoi, Danai Marques, Foteini Dritsakou, Anna Athanasiou, Abe Cohen, Alex Ennea Vangelis, Adonis, Konstandinos Katsoudas, Yannis Vasiliathis, Elena Evangelia

Accountant - Liane Hutterer
Traffic Coordinator - Gerrit Hotzel
Photography - Marcus Zumbansen

Konstantinos Argiros
Eleni Foureira
Pavlina Voulgaraki
Good Job Nicky

No/MAD Booking & Production - Dominik Lissl
Tour Manager - Martin Kultscher

Kid Angelo

Argiros & Foureira team:
FOH Engineer - Ilias Lakkas
Monitoring Engineer - Alexandros Kyrlis
Lights - Menelaos Orfanos
Manager of Konstantinos Argiros - Pavlo Argiros
Manager of Eleni Foureira - Haris Papatzanis
Manager of Good Job Nicky - Giannis Theodoropoulos
Manager of Pavlina Voulgaraki - Dimitris Ganios

Chef - Dimitris Skarmoutsos

LED Wristbands – Pixmob

Drone Show Europe by Spectrum Production

Fountains at the Ellinikon Experience Park’s Water Maze by Fontana Fountains

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10999 Berlin

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