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Creative Vision

Remix Experiences – Ready for Esch2022

Esch2022 Remix OpeningEsch2022 Remix Opening
Esch2022 Remix OpeningEsch2022 Remix Opening
Creative Vision

Battle Royal Studios was appointed as the main producing partner for the opening ceremony of Esch2022, the European Capital of Culture for 2022.

Battle Royal Studios was appointed as the main producing partner for the opening ceremony of Esch2022, the European Capital of Culture for 2022.

Hybrid Events
by Battle Royal Studios
20. February 2020

The European Capitals of Culture (ECOC) are designed to highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe, increase a sense of belonging to a common cultural area and foster the contribution of culture to the development of the host cities.

Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), together with the 11 municipalities of the Pro Sud association and the 8 French municipalities of the CCPHVA, is awarded to become ECOC for 2022 and has announced its main theme of REMIX CULTURE as the key message motivating all activations.

Esch2022 Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony is planned to take place on February 22, 2022, with Battle Royal Studios appointed as the main producing partner.

The purpose of this cultural launch is primarily to bring the community together. Our concept involves an extended lead-up period which allows us to work with many community groups and local partners in developing relevant content and shared perspectives for the ceremony.

Remix, an immersive press conference

For the official press launch on Feb 20, 2020, Battle Royal Studios designed a unique event experience that immersed the guests and international press into a 3D world of sound, light, and VR. A maze-like event layout strategically delivered bite-size pieces of information about the key themes and program for the year.

Esch Remix OpeningEsch Remix Opening
(c) Battle Royal Studios

It's all about Remix

For the Esch 2022 program, participants are invited to explore the remix concept through four themes or categories – Remix Europe, Remix Nature, Remix Yourself and Remix Art –, and eventually create platforms for visitors to engage and participate in the discussion. The region will turn into an empowering space of co-creation and creativity.

To best introduce these themes Battle Royal Studios produced an audio installation that is controlled by the visitor’s position within the gallery space, allowing them to interact and remix the installation soundscape live as it tracks them around the room. This format and supporting technology can increase the retention of supplied information by 75% compared to more classical approaches. Visitors enjoyed a fun and focused engagement with the content and a clear desire to share their experience beyond the event.

A ceremony teaser in VR

A VR animation experience was designed to give the press and guests a deep understanding of the official opening ceremony for which Battle Royal Studios will be responsible. “In virtual reality, we can provide the spectator a life-like glimpse of the ceremony from the front row seat, as if you were standing in the audience on the night 2 years from now,” says Executive Creative Director Brendan Shelper, “it really is a

and a remarkable tool we’re using more and more often to express our detailed creative view on projects of this scale.”

This dynamic

provides motivating insights how key sites around the city of Esch will eventually be activated.

We are looking forward to collaborating with the wonderful people of Esch and the surrounding regions over the next 2 years.

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Ramping Up Esch2022 - Together We Will Build the Future!

Nancy Braun has been General Director of Esch2022 since 2018. In this interview, she shares are vision for the future of Esch and the greater region.

Show Direction
Hybrid Events


Battle Royal Studios designed the Esch2022 REMIX Opening with the onset of the first lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. These challenging circumstances offered the team the opportunity to develop a novel format, unique in its nature, scope, interactivity and hybridity for the traditional opening ceremony of a European Capital of Culture.

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