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A look inside how a culture of curiosity and development leads our agency

60sec Interviews

Remaining competitive requires constant training and development. Co-CEO / Managing Partner, Judith, dishes out the strategies she has in place to make sure our talent stays on top.

Remaining competitive requires constant training and development. Co-CEO / Managing Partner, Judith, dishes out the strategies she has in place to make sure our talent stays on top.

Creative consulting
by Judith Hoch
13. June 2024

Can you provide examples of the types of training BRS supports?

Our aim is to ensure our team remains at the cutting edge of both technology and creative execution. We support a variety of training initiatives such as external workshops on the latest event technology, creative leadership programs, and courses from prestigious platforms like Harvard's online offerings.

What key skills do you and your team focus on during these training sessions?

Open dialogues with our team are very important to us. We always aim to understand their views and align their training needs with management’s insights and then we personalize the selection of training courses to match each team member’s role, interests, and career aspirations.

The selected courses aim to enhance both the hard and soft skills of our team members. We are dedicated to fostering a mindset of continuous improvement and agility, ensuring that our team not only keeps up with industry trends but also sets them.

What are some success stories where training significantly impacted a project or individual?

During a major cultural opening

, one of our core team members participated in multiple coaching sessions as part of their annual training. These sessions were specifically tailored to their evolving role and responsibilities within the project. The coaching had a profound effect on their approach to work, enhancing their focus and management skills, particularly in leading multiple suppliers. The growth of the teammemberand the successful execution of the project are testaments to the transformative impact of our targeted training efforts.

How does the Studio keep things balanced between tech skills and creativity?

We foster an environment where technology and creativity complement rather than compete. This culture of curiosity — looking beyond just the task at hand and understanding how colleagues apply their skills — has evolved naturally within our team culture.

We hold weekly meetings that showcase current work but also feature 'How To' presentations, promoting knowledge sharing across the team. This integrated environment allows team members to explore new ways of applying their technical skills within creative contexts, ensuring that our innovations are both imaginative and practically executable.

What role does mentorship play in training and development programs?

Mentorship is a cornerstone of our development programs. Our new and younger members are paired with seasoned mentors who provide guidance and support throughout their journey at BRS. This one-on-one mentorship helps newer team members navigate their roles effectively, ensuring they apply their training in real-world scenarios and learn from the experiences and insights of their mentors.

What’s the studio's secret for keeping the crew’s skills on top?

Our secret lies in our culture of curiosity and a structured yet flexible approach to professional development. We encourage our team members to pursue their interests within and beyond their professional roles, offering both the time and resources necessary for this exploration. A unique aspect of our approach is allowing team members to dedicate time on a regular basis to research and do training, fostering an environment where continuous improvement is part of the daily routine.

How do you tap into new talent while nurturing the individual's path to build on their passions and desired skills?

Our strategy combines the balance between creativity and production within our HR processes. We meticulously identify individuals who are genuinely enthusiastic about their prospective roles, ensuring a perfect fit. Once on board, we offer ongoing support and development tailored to their unique aspirations and skills, fostering a culture where personal growth and continuous innovation are at the core of everything we do. ❤️

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